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Candle Club Company was started when Covid Pandemic was in full swing. I have always enjoyed burning candles in my home for enjoyment and relaxation. I quickly realized that most candles left residue all over my house, I started doing intensive research on how to created eco friendly non toxic candles. Months of research and intensive testing lead me to both the sources and the perfect techniques of making the most perfect non toxic candle. Knowing that lots of people are into all natural non toxic resources I have decided to spread the joy to your homes. I have created my own website so that people can purchase my candles and get as much pleasure from them as I do. You don't see natural soy wax candles at your local stores, thats why I'm here to help my customers find their perfect candle. 
My candles are made with 100% natural soy wax that is grown in the United States. The wicks that I use for the candles are made from cotton that are dipped into the soy wax to ensure proper, even and clean burn. My candles are scented with all natural oils to make them safe and even more enjoyable. 
I know for sure that when you buy your first candle from Candle Club Company you will come back for more.

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